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Contacts in Kent

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*endyover  (M) age 34

Last online:
10 minutes ago

From: Kent

Title: Hi

Description: All talk no action can just not waste my time on here to get. Horny have a laugh and enjoy myself

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*igcockwatcher  (M) age 32

Last online:
1 hour ago

From: Kent

Title: Dogging anyone?

Description: Hi, so I've just stumbled across this site whilst looking for more info about dogging near me. Seemed like a good idea to join and I'm hoping to meet like minded couples or women who also like to be watched

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*igone2016  (M) age 32

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: KENT

Title: young n hug

Description: from Kent

Up for anything

Open minded willing to give anything ago inbox if you want more

Love to give sucking cock a try and cd and gangbang threesome any age any size also a heavy cummer

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*ant a chat  (M) age 65

*ant a chat

Last online:
3 hours ago

From: kent

Title: Naughty chat anytime

Description: I'm interested in chatting or role playing with anyone, male, females and couples.

I'm very opened mind, no subject off limits.

Love to watch others or join in

All messages answered

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*k2rk2  (M) age 38

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: kent

Title: discreet

Description: Very discreet

34 fit athletic build -looking to give some great head to discreet /married / curious /frustrated fellas who need some relief!

No gay guys please

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*N couple  (M)(F age 43

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: .

Description: .not here to arrange meets etc etc or chat so please don't ask

We are on here to keep in contact with people we have met dogging

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*ol69  (M) age 27

XXX pic...
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Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: ;) insatiable drive for sex

Description: Young, built, dark and quite humerous if you get to know me.

Looking to meet and chat with some some great people, i've been on here before so pretty know what im after.

Quite hung ;) if thats a problem... but other than that I have a very high sex drive and would love to delve deeper into different sexual fantasies. Dont be afraid to pop up ;), I wont bite...that hard.

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*ot rob  (M) age 43

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Kik ptop4

Description: Skype Hotadam22 kik ptop4. Love getting naked

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*andm2006  (M)(F age 35


Last online:
4 hours ago

From: kent







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*auluk45  (M) age 52

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: kent

Title: wants meets

Description: looking for casual meets, threesomes, orgies and dogging

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*azza 123  (M) age 42

Last online:
5 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Fun

Description: I am easy going and open minded with a high sex drive looking for nsa fun however a little nervous on 1st meets to ensure both are comfortable

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*dtv  (TV/TS/CD) age 40


Last online:
6 hours ago

From: kent

Title: .

Description: i wet my knickers daddy


so seeing as how you fail to understand you are going to be really punished now and not like the little sopankings you seem to want . but a really good thrashing now girl

it wasnt my fault daddy it was all the boys at school keep putting their fingers up my bum and making my little willy all hard and all the wee come out

thats no excuse either you like the boys or your uncle fingering your bum. even daddy knows that

it s you sitting there wet with puiss like this

so you WILL now go and out on some knickers as punishment. come back down here but also bring that tube of stuff from daddies bed side table

mummy and daddy have to milk their little princess all day. daddy does it every morning when he comes into my room to wake me and dress me and tell me what we are going to do today. daddy wees up my bum and makes my little willy all hard and all the wee comes out all over mummy's feet and she walks around at work all day with stains on her tights for all the boys to see

yes but not only making you and mummy wet mummy wants to see daddy really using their little girl too and even wet with piss she wants to sit ansd stroke herself as she watches daddy starting to fuck you, before school

what are we doing today daddy

n i come to work with you daddy

such a lovely idea but im afraid it would nt go down very well

ok daddy. what is mummy doing today shall i be with her

yes sty with mummy because she want s to have a talk withyou

she want to know if you still want daddy to do all the things hes doing to you that mummy LOVES it when you are getting fucked and mummy loves heloping too remember

i have got in mummy and daddys bed with mummy. mummy knows i love everything like she does. mummy and me are weeing and cumming in our mouths now. we love daddy and cant wait till he comes home.

thats very important you two girl pissing into each others mouth as you know daddy demand this too and even better if mummy is peeing into you watching daddy fucking you deeply at the same time and encouraging the fun has mummy told you that when SHE was little she was the very same too growing up, just like you?

mummy and daddy have never kept secrets with me. im like mummy but im a special little girl. mummy has an inny and i have an outy.mummy has gone downstairs the man is at the door

yes little one you are right but its FOR mummy isnt it even though your small mummy still loves it inher as well as you pissing into mummy too

dont know who that man is though whos just come to the door?

i have put mummys nighty on and come downstairs. mummy is in her dressing gown talking to the man.

thats good baby so that the man will also see what a sexy little boy you are too and i know mummy will be proud of you waering the little silky nightie too has mummy ler her gown slip open too?

(girl not boy)

mummys nighty is see through so he and mummy can see my little boobs and my little bum and my little balls and my my little willy. mummy knows the man he is my friends daddy and he man needs the toilet

well then why dont YOU take him to show him the toilet and then ask him ifits ok if you stay while hes peeing? maybe hell then know you love piss fun

i couldn't wait daddy. my little willy got hard and and i needed to wee so mummy got on the floor and we all weed and drank toeverywhere.we are all kissing as the man is weeing in me and mummys bums and i am in mummy daddy

womnderful so your fucking mummy again like daddy taught you but this man is peeing up your lovely little bum at the same time

wish daddy was there watching this cos daddy is so big and hard thinking of you and mummy

we wish you were too daddy hurry home. the man has gone now. mummy is thinking about what we are going to do for the rest of the day.

well you should tell mummy that daddy told you that mummy should take you back to bed and stay there sucking and fucking till dady come home

mummy says she is going to dress me because we have to go out to places to do things.

ok well tell mummy that daddy wants you in that short skirt that can show your new knickers as mummy loves men looking at you like this

mummy has washed and dressed me and mummy is putting my little willy in her through her tights while she thinks of where to go to show off mummy and daddys little princess. mummy is on the phone.

well you have to make sure mummy is very happy that very important

maybe mummy is talking to some dirty older men to tell them shes taking you to the park again

you were right daddy we are at the park

sitting on the bech im sure the one not far from the toilets? cos i know mummy likes that sopt and when the men come over mummy will let them look up your dress again but then mummy will be opening her legs too for one in particular

mummy and me are on the bench licking our icecreams mummy was being silly and dropped some on my socks. mummy says daddy guess which knickers mummy put on me

they little pale pink ones I bet the ones we found at the market mummy wanted so much to see and use you in those ones and i know shell like the pervy men seeing them under your skirt

they are all stopping and saying how pretty my little pink knickers are daddy. mummy is very happy this morning. that particular man is here now too and mummy is even happier.

hell be kneeling down in moment pretending to tie his shoe laces and that is mums signal to lean back then wehn hes looking mummt will open her legs wider so he can look at her cunt bulge

theyve been doing this for a long time hes an older perv man who is into little girls and he knows mummy was getting fucked earkly as well when SHE was going to school

i wet my knickers daddy

Oh baby daddy will make it all right

it wasnt my fault daddy it was all the boys at school keep putting their fingers up my bum and making my little willy all hard and all the wee come out

Dont get upset baby. Boys can be nasty. Make sure that none of them put their willy up your cute botty

they did daddy like daddy does. mummy and daddy have to milk their little princess all day. daddy does it every morning when he comes into my room to wake me and dress me and tell me what we are going to do today. daddy wees up my bum and makes my little willy all hard and all the wee comes out all over mummy's feet and she walks around at work all day with stains on her tights for all the boys to see

Are you sure that it was wee wee that came out of your stiff willy

it was everyhing daddy like when daddy wees in my bum and it comes out through mine

Oh dear. Thats because they love their princess so much. Does daddy ever wee in his princess mouth?

mummy and daddy always call me when i have to have a drink and check my knickers to see if i am wet or need milking

Yes thats normal baby. Do they feel how full your little balls are and put a finger up your botty to check if youte ready to be milked

(you are daddy)

Yes princess

can i get in bed with you and mummy daddy

Yes princess. You can get right between us

thankyou daddy. what are we doing tomorrow daddy

Before I tell you baby , has mummy been putting her nipple pumps on you when she milks you?

sometimes. mummy and daddy use all sorts. doctors orders.

I think I can see a nipple pump on one of your lovely pics

yes sometimes mummy and daddy have to use them other times just for fun especially before we go somewhere and mummy and daddy want to make me pretty so they can show everyone how pretty their special little princess is. mummy and daddy like my nipples to be big under my vest

Yes and they look lovely princess. Do you remember when you needed a wee wee and I took you to the toilets. Do you remember my friend showed you his really big wiilly?

i remember mummy and daddy spoiling me with so much pop to drink that i kept needing the loo and mummy said the ladies was broken so daddy had to take me me and daddy met lots of his friends that day

Thats right princess. My friends helped you when you needed a wee wee

i am there with daddy in my little nightdress with my little bum poking out from under it pressed up against daddy with daddys arms around me holding me tight and mummy has her back to me and shes snoring and daddy big willy is filling my little bum up with his wee and making my little willy all hard and daddys wee comes out of it everywhere and all over mummys bum

Hi princess

hello daddy. what has daddy been doing

Watched some womens hockey on tv earlier. Love their short skirts and tight pants. Like to see you in your sisters hockey kit

i love dressing for daddy. is my sister in daddy? or mummy?

Mummy and shes sleeping

good. i get daddy all to myself. i loved waking up with daddy still inside me this morning. do you think sister will be angry if we borrow her kit daddy

No need for her to know princess

im doing a little dance in front of daddy with her tight knickers swinging my skirt up playing with her big hockey stick daddy. what does daddy do xxx

Daddy sits you on his knee with your back to me and hes only wearing his dressing gown

Yes when you sit on my knee I sing you that old nursery rhyme. Ride a cock horse to banbury cross and rock you like you are riding a big hose. You hold onto daddys thing so that you dont fall off. Its such fun

yes daddy thats my favourite one me riding backwards on daddy horsey using daddys dressing gown as the reins and i have to put daddys big horsey willy in my belly but this makes daddy fall of his chair and then daddy is the horsey riding me

Yes thats my favourite too. Then its like playing horses, where the daddy horse is ontop

and i neigh and neigh like a horsey and daddy has put the thing in my mouth so we dont wake mummy and daddys willy gets really big like the horseys we saw

Yes and daddy gives his beautiful pony princess her warm bedtime daddy milk

daddy is making baby gush like the lady horsey daddy. love daddy horse putting his baby horseys in his little one

Yes thats how we make our little ponies but its a secret

all the other girls are jealous of me because ive got all the my little ponies for all of the times i go riding on daddy

You deserve your presents for being such a good girl. Do you like wearing your my little ponies panties and nighty

i do daddy i really do because i know those are one of daddys favourites too when we spoon in bed and we love the soft warm feeling of them and the smell of them when mummys freshly washed them and daddy has had his bath with me

Do you like it when daddy gives you a nice bath We use matey bubblebath. The pink one for my princess

oh yes daddy and daddy gets the bubbles everywhere and we laugh and mummy tells off and daddy boops the bubbles on my nose and we laugh and kiss and kiss and kiss and everything

daddy always makes me laugh when he put the little hat on his willy

Yes mumm can be a spolsport but really she likes to hear us have fun. When shes not home and I bathe you I get into the bath too because its so warm and cosy to share

daddy has to do that to make sure im clean downstairs inside and out before bed so it doesnt get to messybecause im a big girl now and i dont always have to wear nappies for daddy. daddy has my special baby hose for my little bum

Thats right. I love cleaning your bottom. It makes you wriggle and giggle

i was very very wriggly tonight wasnt i daddy after all the fun we had today. i still am

Yes you were and you had a bit of a cough. Daddy knows how to cure your tickly cough, doesnt he? He lets you suck on the end of his willy which is like a babys dummy. Sometimes you get some of daddys special cough mixture which stops that nasty tickly cough

yes daddy i get so breathless with all the energy i have daddy has to make it as big as he can to fill my mouth up so much and you rub my back and my chest while your doing it and you have to rub so hard you rubs all over me and then you rub my cheeks as you look in my beautiful eyes

Thats right. Now daddy needs to close his eyes so cuddle up tight and sweet dreams

i love you daddy mwah x

Youre so cuddly and warm princess. Sweet dreams

you too daddy

Thx for your lovely pics sweety

love taking them for daddy anything daddy wants

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*eddy  (M) age 48

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: kent


Description: I LOVE HAVEING SEX AT ALL TIMES INDOORS AND OUT. ive got lots of time on my hands

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*ewcouple1992  (M)(F age 25

Last online:
12 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Exploring

Description: We're fun

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*ey blondie  (M) age 42

Last online:
12 hours ago

From: Kent



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*oungManLovesMature  (M) age 29

Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: I love mature women ;)

Description: I am 29; well educated; attractive. I love older women; I love them outside; and I love to dog ;)

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*anny004  (M) age 30

Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Just looking for fun

Description: Just looking for fun mainly sex

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*urton999  (M) age 23

Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Young and fun

Description: Desided to come back on here to give it another try, looking for single woman and maybe couples. Up for most things, I'm pretty adventurous. Horney young lad looking for dirty hot sex so hit me up I don't bite... much ;)

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*mber  (F age 33

XXX pic...
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Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Kent

Title: Genuine redhead ...5.1 ...

Description: Not 6ft & blonde if thats yur thing ...please dont contact me ...oh & dont add me as a contact, ill just block yu ... grrrr! Winks ...i dont look at them ! One more thing ..i can only have a conversation with one guy properly at a time .However i do read all my mails ,some of which are nice ,some a lickle strange to say the least ! So if i dont reply isnt because im being rude to yu ...just im chatting to someone .its only fair on them ... thanks em x -update- If we agree to meet for coffee it will be just a coffee on any first meeting ...and i pay my own way for lunch , i dont like to feel beholding .

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*oloman2  (M) age 51

Last online:
14 hours ago

From: kent

Title: looking for playmates

Description: i have a wide variety of interests,role play domination, risky/spur of the moment sex,being some of them,i do have a few years experience of adult parties,swinger clubs and naturism.

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