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*aomiinyork  (TV/TS/CD) age 52

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From: Hull

Title: Tranny/CD

Description: Adventure just after this brief intro :)

I included this in one of my meets that has now been removed. The strange thing is I think I must have hit a nerve, as I have many requests to meet or to make new friends since I included it, which is nice… so here goes…

I have been a tranny for some years now but when I came to Hull some time back I got rid of all my tranny gear (grrrrrrrr I’m an idiot ). This included my dominatrix outfit, leather and PVC stuff, I thought Naomi had gone for good, but the little minx is back and so I am starting to collect my tranny gear once again, very very slowly.

So why is Naomi so popular? (lol) I think its because people can relax with her

Some people just get turned on (and rightly so lol ) by just meeting and chatting to Naomi without the pressure of having sex with her, which is fine as I enjoy being Naomi.

Another reason is some people are bi-curious and don’t want to chance it with a big hairy bloke !!, they may also want to give but not sure about receiving, and those that don’t feel as they are gay just because they have had sex with a tranny, or they don’t feel as though it is cheating on their partner.

So here are my adventures, by the way if I do meet you and it’s not included here dont fret, I only document them when I have time and they are fresh in my mind. I can’t think of one disappointing meet as yet manly because I try and not expect too much ( although it can sometimes be hard with some of you sexy people out there )


I’m always banging on about my conquests… so how about my failures ?

Had a meet today, not absolutely sure what went on but into it after just a few minutes I was asked to leave, so without a word I got dressed and did.

Now I’m not going to go into all the in’s and outs of this meet because its been in the planning for a long time, its on… its off and so on.

Finally we met, his body was gorgeous well-toned a lot different some of the pot belly guys (lol look whos talking) that I am used to. 6 foot and more, trimmed body hair and a couple of tattoos (and we all know how I love guys with a tattoos )

His cock…. Well us girls know a thing or two about yummy cocks and this guy had one.

So why was I asked to leave, he did say he was nervous ? … but maybe I just failed to impress, oh well it just proves that Naomi is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am certain that he will read this so I will say … there’s gonna be one lucky bugger (guy or girl) out there that’s gonna get to enjoy you grrrrr… take care pet xxx time to move on to my pot belly friends lol (I’m only joking.. your all lovely)


Sunday lunch on a Thursday?

I had met both these guys once before in Hull when I lived in York many moons ago, must be 4 years? Lost contact with them and as you know I came to Hull about 8 months ago when Naomi was shoved into the closet until recently.

About a month ago when I started to dress again Mr. X sent me a message asking to meet again, the problem was he worked days as all my readers know I very rarely meet in the evenings. So it looked as though we would never meet, however Mr. Z contacted me and said you would try change his mind so we could have a threesome.

Sure enough Mr. X had a day off and asked if we could meet with Mr. Z. The time suitably chosen was 2:30 – 3:00 pm to day.

The distance between Mr. X and where I currently live is only about 5 miles, but its all on a main busy road. I hate being late at the best of times, besides I am sure he remembers when we last meet I tore off the front of my car bumper on his front gate as I left lol…. Anywho that’s another story.

So to make sure I was not going to be late I thought I had better make it on my trusted motorbike, so I put on my backpack with all Naomi’s stuff and made my way there, 4 minutes past 3.

I knocked on the door and Mr. X invited me and we both asked how each other was, and how we were both doing. He then showed me where the stairs where and which bedroom I should go in to change.

As I was getting ready I heard him shout if I wanted a coffee, so I said yes and carried on dressing. I’m now getting to the point where I need desperately to venture out like I used to as Naomi. Ok I get one or two funny looks when I do as I have never really been convincing. But once again when I am Naomi she doesn’t give to shakes to what other people think, besides comparing her to some women ….

So the other day I saw a black pencil skirt, and black see through blouse. Something I must have, along with a new wig which I have just sent for. It’s a lot shorter than my existing one but I will also be able to wear clip on earrings.

I have a long black coat, a pair of designer glasses so once I have these things I will be all set…. So you guys and girls be warned !!

Mr. X came into the room where I was dressing, he had mounted a mirror on a self, the lighting wasn’t brilliant, but what the hell they not gonna be looking at my face while they have their way with me lol. He had brought me my coffee, I asked if Mr. Z had arrived but he had been delayed.

We exchanged some small talk again then he left the room while I finished getting ready.

There is a story I have missed where I had met a sister, now sisters together can go on for an hour or more, and I think they tend to try and satisfy each other, as oppose to some admirers, some, not all will go for that climax as fast as they can. The reason I bring this up is this girl’s makeup is really really good, and as I stood looking into the mirror I thought I have to somehow get her to give me some pointers. I know the look I am after but it seems right now very difficult to achieve.

I heard the front door open and words exchanged between Mr. X and Mr. Z which where muffled. Mr. X then appeared in the room shortly followed by Mr. Z, once again there was some small talk between us, and Mr. Z moved to the left of me, once again I was wearing my black shawl and he started to rub my bear left breast and pinch my nipple. Mr. X had positioned himself on my right sucking my other nipple. I had put my arms around them both.

I slid my left hand down into Mr. Z pants and I could feel his cock harden, but Mr. X still had his belt on and I was struggling to loosen it.

I sat down on the bed and took Mr. Z’s cock into my mouth and I felt his hips move towards my face, meanwhile Mr.X started to remove his pants.

I turned and took Mr. X’s cock into my mouth and Mr. Z took his clothes off so now he was naked. He jumped onto the bed with his cock in the air, and I stated to suck it while Mr. X got undressed.

Suddenly I felt a strange sensation, I am not sure what Mr. X was doing to me but it was very pleasant, it seems as though he was milking me from behind and playing with my pussy, at this stage Mr. Z got the better of the deal as I started to suck harder and deeper. Mr. Z then lifted my head and said, not yet as I will cum soon (typical lol… only joking pet if your reading this)

After a few minutes with my nipples being sucked, my pussy fingered and being milked, Mr. Z got up and went to the other side of the bed and pushed his cock out in front of him, was he telling me something lol. Ah spit roast time ?

While I sucked on his cock I heard him say “you’re a greedy girl Naomi”… yep you had that right dear ?

Meanwhile Mr. X was still working my pussy so I put my hand back to feel for his head, his mouth found the back of my neck and he started to gently kiss it.

Mr. Z was now wanking and I was massaging his balls, he then laid on the bed face up, his hand was getting quicker I could see he was about there, finally he came while I squeezed his balls to make all the cum had been ejected. His mobile had been sounding during this time so he got up and answered it. He moved out the room to take the call.

By this time Mr. X was kissing my body all over and in our “scrum” so to speak and I lost a shoe !! You could say we were giving each other some willy lol. Also he had removed my shawl and my knickers, so I was also naked other than my wig, holdups and one shoe.

Mr. Z came back into the room and said he had to go, he got dressed and left so Mr. X and I carried on.

At one point he would suck and wank my clitty, then I would suck and wank his cock. He had one of them slim 7 inch cut cocks, really really nice. I would deep throat him then he would do the same for me.

He then positioned me on the bed on all fours and he tried to enter me, I told him to lube me which he did and he tried again, a few pumps but I am so tight right now he slipped out.

I said I knew I should have brought some poppers, I then heard a cupboard door opened and he handed me a bottle.

I must admit I purposely did not bring any poppers because as you “popper users” know, too much burns your nose… so I have been trying not to use so much of it.

But I sniffed it a few times and once again he tried to mount me this time with a little more success.

We continued to have sex in all positions on his bed. At one point I was on my back, he had raised my legs and they were resting on his shoulders, he entered me again, this time all the way. I felt the pain through my body as it hit the back of my pussy, I kept on saying to myself relax and it will be fine. His thrust where much deeper and I could not take any more so I rolled him over on to his back and once again we had found ourselves in the 69 position. This guy was passionate, we had not been at it for nearly an hour.

There were times I had forgotten where I was as the adrenalin was pumping around my body which made me dizzy with excitement and I just want him inside me… no matter the pain. I then held him in my arms and pushed my tongue into his mouth and he did the same to me. My hand went down to his cock and I slowly started to wank it.

I then looked at my watch, it had gone 4 oclock, and it was time I was on my way home.

All in all nether of use came, but to me its not just about cumming its enjoying every part of each other’s body… which I did enjoy his. When I came home he had sent me a message and he had verified me.. so I did the same to him.

Tonight I will use my dilo and some lube in the hope I can give him what he was after, my pussy

Will I go back… try and stop me



Pheromones going wild !!

8.20 Invite threesome 4 today

8.33 Invite one to one today

8:52 open invitation one on one

9:56 Invite today

10:34 Invite for Friday

Well who’s a popular girl then?



Tattoos yummy

Now this is how a meet should be… no messing around.

I got a message from this guy only the other day. We chatted and exchanged a few pleasantries and before I knew it wham bang we had a meet on our hands

I did tell him that was almost 90% certain I could make it this morning (Sunday). I said I would txt him later that morning about 10 ish to confirm, I had one job to do and when that was out of the way I was free for the rest of the day.

So I txted him and he sent me his address. That what I like, no messing just a simple setup and everyone is happy. I told him it would be just after 11 am when I would arrive.

Got my stuff ready and made my way there, he only lives 11 minutes away. I was almost there when I looked at my watch, it was only 10:50 am, so I stop my car and parked up. I sat there thinking “What the hell am I doing? I meeting a total stranger, what if he smells, if he’s ugly, if he thinks I’m ugly”. I do get butterflies on my meets which enhances the excitement, builds up and adds to the climax, as I said I don’t think I have every had a bad meet. Another thought then pasted through my mind seconds later, “Naomi will take control as she always does, she is the driving force”

I turned on my ignition and headed down the road, he lived in a flat so I pressed the intercom button when I arrived, but heard nothing, then the door to the building open and there he was. Not the most hansoms guy I have every meet, but then I could see on his face a bit of a disappointment look, maybe he thought I would be dressed?

I followed him upstairs, I am certain it is council owned judging by the state of it, typical concrete building with bear walls which made it very cold.

I arrived at his flat and showed me where to get changed, which was another flight of stairs. Inside there was a bed, and ironing board, which he had put a mirror on it for me, and next to this a small electric heater. There were no other furniture fixtures or fitting, except a bed and a cupboard in the corner. Clearly this guy was not married.

He then left the room and I pulled off my sweater, I had earlier put a necklace on so I started with my makeup. I bought some new foundation, which was not cheap a couple of days ago, but I must admit I was not impressed with it.

I took my time and I then heard the door to the bedroom open and I am sure I saw a bit of a surprise on his face when he saw me, the type that a little boy gets when he realises he’s going to get some sweets ( or cream lol)

He sat down and asked if I was not too cold, to be honest it was fooking freezing although the little electric heat was on !! But continued to get dressed. I finally put my black wig on, brushed it then put my things away and made my way to him.

Immediately he started to suck my nipples, I was only wearing a shawl, his right hand was busy rubbing my left breast, I do enjoy it when my nipples and breasts are sucked and rubbed.

I push my hand down his pants and his cock was turning hard. I lifted his shirt and he whipped it off.

His torso was covered in tattoos and had a good body, I mean for an average guy, not Mr Universe but I think it was pretty good, much much better than some I have seen lol only joking (ooowww Naomi can be so bitchy sometimes).

He whispered “do you like to kiss?” I put one hand on the back of his head and pushed my tongue into his mouth. His hands was all over my body and started to massage my clitty through my panties.

I sat down on the bed and pulled at his pants, he then pushed them off and stepped out of them, he was totally naked.

His whole body had been tattooed in one way or another, dragon, faces and all sorts of designs, legs bum back arms and legs. I did take a look for a few seconds and thought how very erotic, he was a man’s man… so to speak.

Also his cut cock was about 7 inches, one of them that has a slight bend in them to his left, it looked clean and shaven.

I put my red lips over the head and very gently sucked on it, not too deep. Just the head. I then started to rub it and he was now hard. He pulled me up to stand and he thrust his tongue into my mouth as he pulled at my panties and exposed my clitty.

He started to wank it, pushing back my foreskin, which by the way I have plenty.. not one of my better features. By this time we were both wanking each other, he knew how to handle a girl like me.

He whispered, “do you like being sucked” I never said anything just pushed his head towards my now hard clitty and began to suck, god it felt soooo fooooking good.

I started to turn on a side and his fingers where inside my pussy, the other morning I had popped out and bought some lube. It cost me 10 quid, it the most I have ever paid for lube but it the only size they had in the shop, bloody expensive or what .

Anywho I put some on my fingers and pressed it into my pussy, but the size of his cock I thought I had make sure I had enough on !! He learnt forward and said “I don’t want to fuck you yet” so I turned and started to wank him again.

This went on for several minutes, first he would suck and wank me then I would do the same to him. We were both very hot !! He took out his mobile phone and took several shots of me suck him, then handed me his mobile so I took some of him sucking me.

Finally he spun me around and push me forward so my hands was on the bed, I could feel his cock pressing into my pussy, it gave way and I could feel the pain of it entering, his he started to build up speed, but over the months that I have not been active I am sure I have become much tighter !!

He then withdraw and I heard him open the cupboard door and he pulled out a black dildo and pushed into my pussy. He quickly moved it in then out.

Suddenly he threw it down and indicated to me to lay on my back with my legs in the air, he entered me again but with only a few thrusts, and his head went onto my clitty frantically sucking it again, he was doing with such expertise and it felt wonderful. He pulled at my shawl and I took it off then he pulled of my panties, I too was now naked all but my wig and my black heels.

I then sat up on the bed and we both started to wank each other, rubbing each other’s nipples, tongues in and out of mouths while we where kissing. I then remembered I had brought some poppers.

I got up and pulled out my bag a bottle of fresh poppers, I offered them to him but he said he did not use them. I returned to the bed and straddled his face, while I took his cock into my mouth after taking a sniff of my poopers. My head began to spin and I became high, I seem to uncontrollably be sucking at his swollen cock giving him deep throat, I could hear him graining and then he said “no.. its too late” he was cumming. He continued to cum as he wanked his cock, the cream was all over his belly, as I massage his balls. It was all over.

He laid there for a minute or so while I got undressed, I ask him if it was ok and he said yes. He told me he would send me the pictures and would call me again.

I am not sure if he will ever read this as he does not strike me to be the type, a bit rough and ready (not a bad thing at all, I find that attractive). But the only thing I am going to mark him down on is his bedroom, it was too cold love, but other than that he had a gorgeous cock, a wonderful tattooed body and the right attitude … will I see him again… you bet in the summer


Not all meets are a success


See I am not indicative


ALSO WILL MEET MAN, WOMEN, HUSBAND AND WIFE OR ANIMALS (When I am desperate lol... that's joke by the way :) )


Wet panties and I have to stop this !!

Met this guy one evening just before Christmas for a BJ and wank in male mode. This time I returned as almost Naomi… I say almost because I never had time to do my makeup. The fact is he lives at the other end of Hull, which by car would have taken 30 to 40 minutes in the morning rush hour, so I decided to go on my motorbike, with it I can wiz in and out of the traffic without any problems.

He emailed me the night before and his message was a bit vague, he said he might then might not be able to meet so I was uncertain this morning if anything would happen. Then he sent me a wink.

I have got into a habit now where all my Naomi gear is together, hold ups makeup etc, so I threw it all into my sports holdall then strap it to my back…. To the NaomiMobile (music plays)

It took about 18 minutes to get there and when I arrived he greeted me at his front door in his dress gown. I took my shoes off and followed him upstairs. He did mention that we only had 20 minutes or less, so I said I would not be able to get fully dressed as it takes that time to get ready !! Fine just put your hold ups on then he said, I mention that did he want me to be my heels on as well, yes please he said, so I went into the bathroom to put them on and my shawl.

When I went into his bedroom he had opened his dressing gown and his cock stood out, more thick than large. I gently stroked it and he started to caress my body. I kissed his neck and pinched his nipples, I then pushed off his dressing gown so he was now naked, he then led me to his bed.

He turned over so his bum was in the air and he was now on all fours on the bed, from behind I took hold of his cock and started to milk him, my other hand was rubbing his balls. He started to groan as my fingers started to explore his ass

After a short while he spun around, he was now facing me so my mouth found the head of his cock and I slowly and very gently started to suck on it. This guy a talker… which I like, he keep on saying things like “dirty Naomi”, “you like this don’t you”. Then he went behind me and slapped my bum. Now I have never had a good spanking but I think I could enjoy it !!

I gave him a deep throat on the end of his cock and at one point he held my head and I gasped for air. Slaver now covered his cock.

I then gave him a condom which he quickly put on then tried several times to enter my pussy, at one point he managed it but was short lived. Bloody lube will have to get some soon.

He then laid on the bed facing upwards and I started once again with my mouth, finally he took his prick and started to wank, after a short while he came on his belly.

I made my way to the bathroom had a quick wash, put everything on my sports holdall then slip out.

As I got onto my motorbike the heaven opened and I got wet on the way home, when I arrived I checked my messages… I had left my panties and he got rid of them.... groan… they cost me 3 quid !!

I do need to calm down, stop all these adventures and start working !!


Just returned from a meet.

The guy lived just over 42 minutes away, now normally I only do local but I think I must have committed myself last I spoke to him, so I thought what the hell in for a pound…

To be honest I thought he was a time waster, normally I can tell if people are, one of the things they don’t do is chat too much. I always have visions of these guys sat in their bedroom at the PC wanking away lol, asking silly questions like “what you wearing” or “Does this or that turn you on”.

The other thing is they can be evasive when you ask them their address, “I live in Hull, or Grimsby” no more than that. He did the same but then followed up with the number of his house, street name and his post-code… I was still not convinced. It has happened before 2 minutes to my destination and I get a text… “Wife just come in” or “I’ve changed my mind”.

So I thought that is what was going to happen… the thing was I had run out of lube and I asked myself should I go and get some… nar he’s gonna cancel.

At first he said 2 pm, then he changed his mind to 1 pm, next message I was expecting is he’s gonna cancel, but nothing came so I jumped into my car with my girly stuff and off I set.

Must have been 30 minutes into my travel when I got a text, shit he’s cancelled !! But no the text said “call at the back door” Could this guy be for real?

I parked up at a supermarket not too far from where he lived, nice area I thought as I walked the rest of the way to his house. Made a double check on the address just in case, then made my way around to the back door which was a patio door he had left open. Then the dog attacked me lol.. it was very small and very excited … must have sensed it from me?

He had the usual gear on to what I have become accustomed too when meeting guys, t-shirt and jogging bottoms. We greeted each other then he showed me where the bathroom was, which was a little cramped but it still is a lot more than some guys have showed me in the past lol.

I removed my jacket and top and started to get ready, always best to strip the top in case of spills

First the makeup, I bought some crappy foundation sometime back and I was determined to finish it. I put on some eye shadow, still having problems with this and thought while I was applying it “out of practice, must try harder.”

Next was the lipstick, I choose red and finally blusher.

I then put on my black panties, followed by my black holdups. Now for those that have not had the pleasure of dressing, this is the turn point. Your body then starts to become relaxed, every move you make seemed to be planed and you can feel the girl inside come to the surface, in my case naughty Naomi.

I then put on my black heels, was a bit of a juggling act put I managed it.

The final garment, a black shawl, and the final touch my black wig. After I brushed it, I took one last look in the mirror and Naomi was born again !!

I opened the door to find he had closed the living room curtains. I put my arms around him and started to caress his body. My hand then found his limp cock which was starting to turn hard.

I think I was as tall if not slightly taller than him with my 4 inch heels on, not a big guy by any means, in fact he was reasonable trim.

His fingers had found my pussy and was pushing them in and out. I started to lift up his t-shirt and then started to play with his nipples.

I then lead him to the sofa where he sat down, and I knelt before him. I pulled out his cock which was now hard. I would say it was 6 ½ or 7 inch, not thick but a nice mouthful I thought. It was pretty obvious he was a clean guy.

After several mouth full I pulled at his jogging pants, which he then removed. He was stripped naked. It was not long before he was ready to take me… my problem was…. No lube arrrggggg.

He stood up and I knelt before him, he move over to find a towel and threw it on the floor, where I knelt on it on all fours, my pussy was now beginning to twitch.

He mounted me but at first could not find my pussy so I moved my hand around to guide him in, his cock now felt like steel !!

At the first attempt it came out, the second attempt it did the same but then he push it in hard and it sank home. Bear in mind its been a while since I have had anal, and as every girl out there knows, if you don’t do anal for a while it can be painful, and yes it was.

For those of you that have never had anal the trick is to relax, and yes that type of pain somehow you enjoy, very difficult to describe.

Anywho, he started slowly and I could feel him building up his speed, his breathing was getting heaver and groaning louder, I was also calling out. Then he made his final pumping action… it was all over.

I returned to the bathroom, got washed and dressed and made my farewell to him.

Would I return… yea I think I would when I saved up enough petrol money…. and yea…. Some anal lube as well I think !!


The day before I used nohair to remove the bulk of my body hair then I had a wet shave to remove any small bits of hair on my body so I was totally smooth. An hour before my meet I had an enema to make sure my pussy was clean, just in case and made sure my clitty was clean. I put on perfume.

I had black shoes on that had a 4 inch heel, this makes my calf and bum cheeks look a lot more rounder when I stand or walk in them. They had a lace that tied into a bow. I had black holdups, which had an elasticated top. I prefer hold ups since they give full access to the important areas.

I had a black shawl that was longish at the sides and tapered to the back exposing my bum. My panties where black high leg type.

My wig was black almost shoulder length, and makeup, which I have got to get right as yet. I had foundation on, eye makeup and red lipstick.


NAOMI IS BACK:- started dressing again


My first car meet in months, I don't really do them as it seems a waste getting ready, but this guy wanted to give me a blow job so I turned up in my male mode to call his bluff... and he was genuine :) thanks doll will be repeating it real soon

now the rest of my profile

If you want to meet then you must be prepared to either have a face pic in your profile or send me one... otherwise sorry


Up until 3 months ago I was an active tranny but because of work I moved to hull and I had to get rid of my girly things so right now I don't dress completely but hopefully if I can find the right t-girl or guy I will again... Naomi will ride again lol

That's me by the way

Just a quick update, I am from an Indian origin, my mum and dad was from India so I have a tanned complexion. I tend to keep that toped up by a tanning booth at the gym which I try and go to 3 times a week

and my number 07771421731 (only check it once a day so there will be a delay before I can get back to you)

Skype naomiinyork (can sometimes)

Yahoo messenger

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*urious couple in Hull  (M)(F age 36

Last online:
14 minutes ago

From: Hull

Title: Looking for others.....

Description: Well what can we say. Looking for others for potential meets.

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*hegoodknight  (M) age 46


Last online:
19 minutes ago

From: hull

Title: seeking damsels in distress or not

Description: IF anyone actually reads this genunine discreet clean guy loves all forms of nsa fun very adventerous and very broadminded works away from home quite a bit but can accomodate especially love giving oral nothing better than teasing a clit with my tongue also likes to watch not an ignorant person (like some people on here) and will respond to all messages,and please ask before adding me. We are all on here for more or less the same reason, pics and cam available on request, I know how to please so come on ladies don't be shy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*mally2k14  (M) age 24


Last online:
24 minutes ago

From: Hull

Title: hi all

Description: Skype

kik smally2k14

snapchat smally2k15

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*igel47  (M) age 50


Last online:
26 minutes ago

From: Hull

Title: Just looking.

Description: Hi there :)

Hope you are all well and happy :)

Got to be honest and say that I have got a smaller than average penis ( usually about 1 inch soft & growing to about 5 inches hard ),it is also extremely ugly when viewed close-up in my opinion and just to round things off nicely it does not work properly.Lets just say if I ever even get it touched it goes off on its own !

So,this has destroyed me mentally and has meant for me a sex-free life.

So I just come here for some ' self entertainment ' whilst viewing photos/cams and some self humiliation if I ever post photos of ' Mr Percy ' !

So have fun everyone :) Guess I'll just watch ;)

Feel free to say hello though :)

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*ullslut  (M)(F age 45

Last online:
29 minutes ago

From: Hull

Title: Hull Slut

Description: Seeks v/w/e men to satisfy me while hubby watches xxxx Bi guys welcome too !


Now on WHATSAPP :)

Our email is

would love to meet 2 guys who are in a tag team too

Kik samtyler1973

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*obbym53  (M) age 63

Last online:
45 minutes ago

From: hull

Title: bobbym53

Description: gay male looking for horny man on man fun

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*ldrelic  (M) age 56

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60 minutes ago

From: Hull

Title: Like to chat with sexy ladys

Description: Mr average, just seeing what's about.

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*omguy50  (M) age 56

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1 hour ago

From: Hull

Title: looking for submissive girls

Description: If you are a female who is looking to meet an intelligent guy who is looking for someone to share sexy experiences with then contact me so that we can chat further. I am not a jealous guy and would in fact be keen on an open relationship, I would be supportive and non judgemenental. If you would like to experience new sexual experiences then I can help. I have experience of organising gangbang partys in various parts of the UK. Know most of the good dogging locations, so if you want someone you can trust and who will look after you contact me, either on here or skype/yahoo.

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*ullguy37  (M) age 42


Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Hull

Title: Hull guy

Description: 37 year old guy from Hull,

6ft average build dark hair

Always horny lol

Looking for fun

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*ige20  (M) age 60

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: hull

Title: horny guy

Description: horny guy looking to meet couples and singles for clean discreet fun i am told look a lot younger than my age and i still like to think i am younger i am a bit of an exhibitionist like outdoor fun as well as indoor and enjiy taking part in roll play can also be dom if requested

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*ullmale43  (M) age 43

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: hull

Title: Looking for friendship and fun in hull

Description: Hi I'm 41 married looking for nsa fun and chatting and see where it goes when I get going I'm a very heavy spunker

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*hrisP252  (M) age 28


Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Hull

Title: Up for a good time!

Description: Straight 28 year old open minded lad up for NSA fun

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*aulo9424  (M) age 56


Last online:
2 hours ago

From: HULL

Title: Want fun then contact me

Description: Like lots and lots of fun and anything goes

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*uke50  (M) age 41


Last online:
3 hours ago

From: Hull

Title: Shy guy looking to meet women and couple

Description: How's you? I'm lee, a builder looking for a bit of fun I'm single and not gay,married or just m weird like a lot of guys here.I do have pics if you want to see them x

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*ob_york  (M) age 47


Last online:
3 hours ago

From: Hull

Title: Looking for dirty fun with a woman

Description: Easy going yorkshire lad looking for dirty fun with a woman outdoors.

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*ayrd  (M) age 64

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: hull

Title: hi looking for fun ?

Description: hi iam in a sexless marrage looking to find new frend hopefully some fun on the way new to all this

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*60488deano  (M)(F age 28

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Hull

Title: Couple looking for fun

Description: Hi We are a young couple looking for some fun we are new to meeting with new people maybe a little shy at first depending on how we get along on here we do drive and are willing to have a nice drive out to meet up when it is possible we must get to know each other first before we meet??

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*awty1s  (M)(F age 33


Last online:
5 hours ago

From: hull

Title: Returning. Hornier than ever;)

Description: Normal, Clean

, down to earth discreet cpl, have kids so our time is precious ifwe set up meet we will meet plz do same. Non pushy can do social meets. Mr doesnt play just likes to watch while mrs plays. Xxx

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*onjon1110  (M) age 22

Last online:
5 hours ago

From: hull

Title: hey

Description: clean and discreet :)

I have a big thick 8 inch cock

can cam/skype

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