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Contacts in Essex

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*awtydogger  (M) age 59

Last online:
33 minutes ago

From: Essex

Title: Nawty

Description: Ordinary guy who is up for fun

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*herry123  (TV/TS/CD) age 68

Last online:
40 minutes ago

From: essex

Title: not sure

Description: like two dres up and go out dogging

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*igdaddyt  (M) age 51


Last online:
1 hour ago

From: Essex

Title: Naughty but nice

Description: Nice Normal guy no dramas, looking for fun times, not a bad size cock, but I no how to use it,

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*lowjob25  (M) age 24

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: No strings fun

Description: Down to earth guy looking to explore my bi side

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*ssexdoggingcpl  (M)(F age 48

XXX pic...
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Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Cant get enough !!!

Description: Please when you contact a couple, make sure you understand the concept of a couple as we play together and please read all of what is said below it helps to sort things out quicker.

I'm 5ft size 12/14, with a belly that I hate :( but am told that I look great for a mother of 4 children :)

I have long dark hair, big blue eyes, nice 36c tits, nice bum and a very willing and fuckable pussy, Im told good looking as well as very sexy.

I love sex so much!!! and with my hormones raging like they are my sex drive is sky high and I just can't get enough.

I love to look as sexy as I can, love sexy lingerie and enjoy being fucked hard and fast and am told I have amazing mouth skills ;)

So make me smile, squeeze my tits, make me cum, and I will let you pound my eager wet pussy lol

I am always looking for sex with clean, sweet smelling strangers.

Love the idea of waiting for someone to come over to fuck me and leave when their finished.

so if that was to happen and you want to meet me on the spur of the moment, and if we can arrange it I will need pics of top and bottom for that to happen :)


To have a line up with 6 or more men for me to enjoy.

Don't know if this will ever happen or it truly is just a little fantasy but hopefully some time Soon ....

Hubby loves to watch me enjoy myself as well as film and we do enjoy if you can hold the cam/phone and film me enjoying you as well as you enjoying me ;) no other faces apart from mine but at the same time I don't want to be filmed by anyone else !!!


If we was to go dogging I would like to be watched and touched and if it feels right fucked.

if I sound like fun to you then get in touch with pics and maybe you will be meeting me soon.


We really would like to find a nice guy who would like to become my bf, I want to have a naughty, sexy and fun relationship, the thought of having a bf who I can have fun with as regular as possible is so exiting, where we both can stay in touch frequently, flirt and excite each other offline via text as well as meet and fuck. look after me, speak with me as your gf, treat me right and I will repay in so many ways ;)

So if your a nice guy between 25 and 55, good looking with a nice size c**k, close enough to us to meet in short notice and knows how to treat a good gf, maybe flowers or some sexy underwear for you to see me in etc lol Then get in touch and maybe we can give it a go, I can be fussy when it comes down to an actual bf lol but who knows who will take my fancy

Profile rules still apply until we feel comfortable for me to go out on our first date :)

Now I know this is a long shot but am looking for a gf who I can date and have fun with, as well as good sex it would be lovely if we could enjoy some fun times together, films, cuddles, nights out and in :)

and always looking for a nice black man, with a nice BBC ;)

Like I said we both would love to have 6 or more men enjoy me at the same time so if that sounds like you then let us know and the best thing for me is for us to arrange a place and time with a selected group.

Hope you all are well, see you soon xx

If you put SweetK in the Subject box I know you have read my profile and understand what I want and looking for. xx

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study projects or research - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE For those of you who do not understand the reasoning behind this posting, Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Along with other social networking sites, Unless you state otherwise, anyone can infringe on your right to privacy once you post to this site. It is recommended that you and other members post a similar notice as this, or you may copy and paste this version.

If you do not post such a statement once, then you are indirectly allowing public use of items such as your photos and the information contained in your status updates.

Copy & paste, everyone.

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*ardoz121  (M) age 64

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Bored Essex Husband

Description: I am ordinary bloke, married and very much in love with my wife but bored and frustrated with the lack of sex. I am adventurous and will try anything once! I love oral ..both giving and receiving and am horny almost all the time...I am looking for a discreet adventurous NSA relationship. Women my age are preferred and larger women my taste though not exclusively as wife is tiny.. I am a little overweight but am told it doesnt notice...maybe I am too self critical!

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*rucker21  (M) age 63

XXX pic...
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Last online:
3 hours ago

From: essex

Title: horny trucker

Description: traveling the uk always up for fun Kik rigger56


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*rinton65  (M)(F age 54

XXX pic...
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Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Man with a fantasy

Description: Like to see my wife fucked by a young guy with a big cock

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*isty1  (M)(F age 64

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: essex



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*dp75  (M) age 44

XXX pic...
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Last online:
8 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Fun fun fun..only serious genuine people

Description: Looking for many unreliable time wasting people on this site along with FAKE profiles and people stealing and using others pics

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*mma and vince  (M)(F age 45

Last online:
9 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Very choosy!

Description: Thought I'd re-write this.

So, we're a married couple, he works away. We both have various fantasies, some of which have been made a reality and some of which haven't.

We have teenage kids so finding the time/place to escape is not easy.

Vince is fine with me meeting people on my own, so long as they are happy to have a few photos taken by me, so he can see what I've been up to.

Experience on here has taught me to be ruthless...if you're not of interest to us/me, then I will politely decline your offer and it's easier to then block you so you don't bother us again.

I like to get to know someone a little bit, before arranging a social meet. That said, I have had a few random encounters at a well know naturist club in Kent, which have been brilliant!

We both log on and neither of us have kik or whats app for here so please don't ask.


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*UNE-JUNE  (F age 39

XXX pic...
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Last online:
11 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: PLEASE......Read all the profile!

Description: Don't read on if you're easily offended by straight talking people with a dry sense of humour. I do not need feedback on this profile or tips on how to change it to please you. If it annoys you take a deep breath and move on..........It's also quite long, I know this, I wrote it over the course of a year. I don't need this fact pointed out when you have bum ache because I'm not interested in you. I won't be entertaining any arguments via messaging as I have better things to do than sort through strangers insecurities. You will be blocked.

I do not give out my phone number or address.

This is not blind date. You will need a face picture. On here, not kik or whatsapp. FYI - you can upload for private message only.......I have three.....this is how I know. Obscure photos don't count... I have just received one cropped to just show the eyes... With sunglasses! Get a grip people, it's ridiculous.

IF I REQUIRE A PICTURE OF A FLACID PENIS, I WILL ASK. Don't particularly want photo's of erect ones either, thanks. That's why I didn't tick 'picture exchange' in 'what are you into?'.

I prefer tall (5'10"+), dark haired, bearded, 30's. But not exclusively. Slim doesn't ring my bell either, as I prefer a partner who is bigger than me and skinny is frankly uncomfortable.

You must drive and have a working mode of transport. I am not a taxi driver or hard up enough to pick you up.

I AM NOT IN THE LEAST BIT SUBMISSIVE. You will not change my mind, ever, attempting to do so is both offensive and futile. So please don't bother sending me any msgs about this, it turns me right off and I will want to smack u up side yr head. :P

Looking for regular meets with one person only so therefore you have to be fairly close - within 20-30 miles of Colchester.

Must be able to string a sentence together.

Singles only i. e. NO 'COUPLES' ,-whether on here singularly/in an open relationship/MARRIED or as a 2 for 1 deal. I don't mind if not exclusive, but not creeping about behind someone's back and/or only meeting on your terms. I just told someone I wasn't interested as he was married, his reply: "im not, I was told that the reason I wasn't getting much luck on here was due to the 'Single' status". Let's be frank.... I won't treat you like a complete lying, idiotic, pathetic, misogynistic scumbag if you don't treat me like a moron. :)

I always play safe which includes condoms and not having the initial meet in quiet, dark places. Let's be civil and meet for a coffee/drink first eh?

NOT interested in phone sex/sexting/webcamming/picture exchange so would have to be CLOSE TO COLCHESTER - yes, I have heard of trains, planes and automobiles. But I don't have a magical time machine.

Can't believe I have to state this here as should be pretty clear: not into women, couples, tv/ts, poo, wee, dominant males, married men, being a "sub-slut" ....illegal relations..... To be continued no doubt! Ahhh, here we are: not even allowed to type it! - NO! NO! NO!

If you make arrangements to meet and then let me down then I won't bother again.

I will no longer be sending a reply back to everyone. I understand the concept that it is polite, I agree. But the argument that it only takes a minute doesn't stand because I am generally met with a barrage of further messages. In which men try to change my mind and quite often become abusive. So apologies if this is not you but having no psychic abilities I cannot tell.

I little tip to save us both time, if your message begins: I have read your profile and don't quite fit the bill.... Blah, blah! Delete it and try someone else. You wouldn't go for a job interview advertising for an accountant if you were a plumber.

Here's a few no-no's for you:

... "horny guy wants a gf or wife. msg me if let me" er....... No!

Wana hear me wanking?...... No!

Hi pics look great and wow amazing tits ! Fancy some dirty chat? I'm horny as fk with a massive hard on for you x...... No!

So you genuine, up for meets, dirty weekends away being explored, used, fucked hard rough and brutal in all your holes?...... NO!

Same author as above: message header:BRUTAL ROUGH SEX. (WTF?!?)

I don't mind your not experienced, as long as your honest, genuine, and looking to experiment, and adventurous sexually then I am willing to guide you, train you into the sub lifestyle. As your inexperienced and you mentioned your shy I would expect you to be open, I usually have a 5 strikes rule, meaning I expect you to try things 5 times before telling me if you dislike it and want that set as one of your sexual limits.

If you are genuine then message me if you want to take the next step?..... Needless to say this is another no! What is very disturbing is the fact I have never spoken to him. He appears to just enjoy sending fantastical messages to random people? A very sad case. Also any man that needs to be told 'no' five times is not only an idiot but a rapist.

*update* here's another one same author:NASTY ROUGH FUCKING:

"You genuine up for dirty nasty weekends away? If your looking to be used, abused and all holes left sore then let's chat?" Again... Let's not! Bravo for finding another word though "nasty" impressive, a whole five letters, to the point, descriptive! Here's some for you: Supercilious, autocratic and assumptive!


Subslut you up for dirty weekends, hotels and being used abused as a 3 hole fucktoy?

Dickhead you up for a weekend of learning to read and being taught some manners? Pop round I could also make you very sore.

Slag slut the fact you took forever to reply says one thing what a worthless bitch and you would have to pay guys to fuck you. Your better off buying peanut butter and adopting a dog, let’s see if your smart enough to connect the dots whore.

You sad little bastard. You really do have a sick mind. Tell me, what is your success rate? Have you ever found anyone who appreciates your boring, unoriginal tripe? I took a while to reply because I have a life in the real world and haven't been on here. You I suspect are a pathetic, overlooked little man who suffers with erectile dysfunction along with a whole host of mental/ social/ learning disabilities. Take your tiny penis and vile rantings somewhere else. I know you.....your the type who seeks out vulnerable people to exploit. You can't even get that right, I'm not vulnerable. I've dealt with worse before I've had my weetabix. Now be a good little weirdo and fuck off!

You pathetic worthless slag. (Then fucking blocked me, the witty little prick!)

Fancy some dirty bare back sex I can cum in you in the back of my van x..... Oh go on then you little charmer. Just kidding - NO, NO!

Hi sexy how are your

Fancy letting me fuck you onver the bonnet of my car then lick your pussy while I play with your tits x

I will make you squirt then fuck you hard and deep then cum deep in side you bare back and hold it in till it goes soft while I lick and duck your nipples.......... Nooooooo!

Just wanking my horsecock...,U?..... For the love of God, no!

i want licking ur pussy....I no understand you sentences, dipshit... NO!

Are you a mother?x..... My reply:Are you a pedophile? What a very strange and creepy introduction...... NO!

"Hey. xx"....Do you put the same amount of effort into shagging? No!

"you're beautiful!".... Why thank you, but how can you tell from a tit photo?!? No!

"I would love to fuck you Bareback and cum inside your pussy...

James xxx (0750 *** 5442)".......can you not read man! No!

How are you doing, would you like to meet i would love to fuck and cum multiple times inside your pussy and impregnating you wile kissing and sucking your tongue grabbing your boobs sucking and licking your tits x....... Seriously?!? Grabbing boobs and sucking tongues? Impregnating? Why?!?... And that's another no, perhaps I am just picky?!?

Hi June. Looking to learn and improve as a lover. Would love to learn from you?

Merv......(5'7" tall,60 miles away and I assume illiterate?) That's a no also. Pathetic is a right turn off and after rejection he turned quite nasty!

Here's a new one for 2019!

nice profile

i would like to masturbate my cock in front of you while you watch me spunk up.


Actually that sounds really dull.

August 2019:


Reward for a meet


I'll pay you to please me.

I'll pass, you don't have any social skills and definitely not enough money.

hopefully getting my birthday wish wife getting boobs done yay xx

MF 51 years young!

Why would I feel the need to discuss an old man's, wife's, new tits?!? Not interested buddy.

Slim pickings people! Someone prove me wrong! ;-)


I'm close 5o let's have som dirty sex

Said that I like to meet socially first...

Iu asked if I can accommodate how would that be meeting socially u fucking fat weird cunt plus u would be lucky to fuck me look at me and look at u

Dannybailey87 what a charmer! Men if you have a chip on your shoulder about how upfront women's profiles are, blame this joker and his plucked eyebrows! Lol.

Congratulations, you have reached the end! ;P

Have a great day!

WARNING: Any person using this site or any of its associated sites for study/projects or any other purpose - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form for anything outside this site. Ignoring this will be a serious violation of my rights and will be subject to legal action.

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*obthebuilder123  (M) age 29


Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Filth

Description: -

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*tickerbook  (M)(F age 45

XXX pic...
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Last online:
13 hours ago

From: essex

Title: new and ready to go!

Description: As it looks like people aren't reading the whole profile... we are NOT looking for single guys!!

New,excited and ready to begin.

Ideally looking to cyber/same room,voyeur\exhibitionist to begin and take it from there...unless there is another female involved as our female is very keen to explore!

To make it clear to all the single guys, were looking for couples or women only for now and probably only ever will..

Any Single guys adding us as contacts without messaging will be blocked from now on.


Following on from an experience f is super keen to play with other fs either one on one or in a three some with our m

M is a young 40 , f early 30s

Very keen to start skype'ing etc with other couples :):):):)

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* bigboy  (M) age 56

XXX pic...
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Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: hard cock looking for a wet hole

Description: married guy

looking for the sex that I don't get at home

looking to meet for sex



in car

or anywhere you want

happy to try anything you like

so let me know and I will give it a go

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*atchers.  (M)(F age 57

XXX pic...
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Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Watch us Watch You Cpl's Only

Description: Vid-Cam-Cpl's New Profile.

Please read our profile before messaging.


Married Cpl,both in our 50's.

Her 4ft11, Blonde, Very Sexy with a high sex drive hm hmmm,straight.

Him 5ft6, Tattooed, Muscular, been having fun on this site for a number of years and also straight.

We are looking for another MF Cpl/Cpl's for Watch Us Watch You Fun, No physical contact between Cpl's, must be non pushy clean and respectful.

We would like to have a Cpl/Cpl's for regular fun.

Please ask before adding us as a contact.

NO SINGLE MALE's, If we want you we will find you.

Any single males adding us will be blocked.

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*pforsomejim  (M) age 40

Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: New but interested

Description: New In here but not to this.

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*eople lover  (M) age 36

Last online:
16 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Single bi guy here now

Description: Will share pics with right people

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*udist1uk  (M) age 47

Last online:
16 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Fun loving nudist and exhibitionist

Description: Im a good looking guy who loves nudism ,showing off and playing with others. Im married but play alone at minute!

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*yler344  (M) age 45

Last online:
16 hours ago

From: Essex

Title: Looking for fun!!

Description: Athletic guy looking for NSA fun with individuals or groups. Looking for a regular meet or just plain fun. On Kik as tyler316x. Would love to hear from you

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