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Contacts in Chester

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*ohornydriver  (M) age 51


Last online:
5 minutes ago

From: Chester

Title: Driver looking to meet up

Description: Just a normal guy looking to meet and have fun genuine meet

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*edropunto  (M) age 48

Last online:
12 minutes ago

From: chester

Title: looking for n/s/a Adult fun.

Description: I love sex and all aspects of sex and am willing always to try new things.

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*nything dirty goes  (M)(F age 39

Last online:
31 minutes ago

From: Chester

Title: Naughty girl looking to play

Description: We are a pair of fuck buddies. We like to fuck regularly and are looking for a few regular people to join.

At the risk of being one of them people but a little bit of politeness wouldn’t go amiss. I mean a hello how are you and what not.

Have any of you non feedbacked types ever walked into a bar and said to a girl hey slut talk to me? Or my dicks hard want to watch me wank? Has it ever worked? Why on earth would you imagine it would work on here.

Let me clue you in to the mind of the female. Call it a freebie if you like:

If a guy messages and says hey want a fuck as a lead off we think the his guy would shag anything ergo probably not clean ergo probably got STI ergo not with someone else’s fanny would I go near it.

If your profile name contains any of the following: 10 inches the word big the words cock dick or knob, if it contains the words gym, hard,MMA, cage fighter, ninja, stud, boxer tough mudder runner then I guarantee you one thing. Every single female and most of the cross dressing females think a) tiny penis b) insecure c) lack of sexual experience and d)pitiful human being with so little going on in their lives that it would be a painfully dull conversation. Ergo not even with someone else’s fanny.

Cock picture for profile picture equals exactly that. Your a cock?

First impressions and all that gents.

Oh and drugs references. Yeah not attractive in slightest.

Oh and extreme sports references. Kayaking and snow boarding velociraptor wrestling and what not. Who the holy mother fuck cares? Unless you are planning on trying to fuck on a surf board where is the relevance.

I mean holy shit people I despair at some of the mother fuckers who message me. These are the future gene doners for the human species. At this rate the meerkats shall rise and begin the long war for dominance at mankind’s expense.

One other point: don’t like the profile don’t engage in conversation. Don’t message me to say “your a stuck up cunt” because believe me mr 53 year old man it will not make me revise my opinion. It’s more likely to elicit a spiteresponse right back at you.

Oh a guys claiming to be professional athletes. WTF.

And the “couples” who message and after two messages announce that they are the guy. Guess what we already knew!! You have to be dumb as a bucket of shrimp to not work it out!

Just to be clear: because I’m logged on doesn’t mean I want to instantly talk about sex meet instantly or desperately want to do something sexual right this immediate second. If I am looking to meet it will be in the status bar.

Very important addition: no face pic no meet. Would assume that would be a blindingly obvious one but if you don’t specifically state you get idiots like “18551” be all pissy and whatnot.

Also: needy guys stay away. Seriously if I message then it’s all good. If I don’t I don’t need six messages in twenty mins asking me if I’m ok.

Age range 18-45. No exceptions. Some people are content to use the age thing as a point to argue with. So slightly older guys: sorry some of your brethren have fucked it up for you.

Our previous profile login has been forgotten so starting this one.

She has done and will do:


One on one meets with men (after threesome meets. Build confidence and all that)

Blow job meets

Pictures and video (exchange)

No Sexting

No Phone sex

Hand jobs blow jobs and fucking

Dresses in stockings as the men fucking her like.

Sounds to good to be true but it is a genuine thing.

No pictures will be posted online. Pictures etc can be sent but at the appropriate time. She's behaves like a slut not a porn star.

Furthermore she actually does have a life outside of being fucked so she may not be available at the drop of a hat.

If you like the sound of this get in contact. Idiots will be barred. Requests for photos without the curtousy of a hello will be barred.

Hopefully she will be getting fucked by you soon.

Don't wink as not appreciated and don't add yourself as friend without at least asking. Blocked.

Oh and don't use your generic send to everyone message. They are so obvious and again not appreciated

A lot of you suave individuals are clearly not reading this because you send winks and in asked for friend requests. All winkers will be blocked. All unsolicited friends request likewise. It's noticeable that the guys who have massive amounts of feedback and by extent success follow the rules. They are the bigger fish . The tiddlers of the pond don't and always get returned to the pond.

As an added bonus I’m starting a dickhead list:

18551 (messaged to simply say he didn’t like the profile)

Raym1965 (messaged to tell say my profile was an essay and then threatened to slap me!) ( and then weeks later clearly re-reads my profile despite everything that’s been said before and sees his name up in lights and apparenty doesn’t like it and called me a cesspit? Wtf?) to be fair also used the term muppet. It was only the other day I was nostalgic for the 1990s. If anyone can send him some modern update insults that would be really groovy. But still got to admire the continued messages clearly found time in what I imagine would be the thousands of messages from females. Oh wait...

Holmes22 (strongly hinted that they were in a low mood and then tres to convince me they were going to drink a bottle of scotch and take tablets- oh and I’ve never spoken to them before. Not even a hello. That shit is just rude)

Hard n wet ( first ever contact is and I quote “hey email you slut” then got upset when told to fuck off. Then for some weird reason despite having been pointed out he’s creepy and odd took that as some form of flirting)

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*ookinglocaly  (M) age 48


Last online:
36 minutes ago

From: Chester

Title: Looking localy for slim, married ladies.

Description: Athletic,looking for NSA fun with married and single ladies and young but legal;)....

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*elmordan  (M) age 49


Last online:
38 minutes ago

From: Chester

Title: Back again, regret what you do

Description: Getting a liking for sub ladies, but i do still like a good massage! Who doesn't?

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*ogness71  (M) age 47


Last online:
2 hours ago

From: chester

Title: very highly sexed

Description: anyone know of any jack and jill groups??

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*aycheshire  (M) age 38

Last online:
4 hours ago


Title: Looking for fun

Description: Looking for someone to have no strings fun with

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*asually  (M) age 39

Last online:
5 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Foreverready

Description: I’m in a long term relationship,but like many it’s become predictable.

So I’m after fun with people to shake it up a bit and unload my pent up sexual desires.

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*ussie mick  (M) age 53

Last online:
5 hours ago

From: chester

Title: australiaian

Description: i work away a lot ,i live just out of chester, and am up 4 anything, here 2 day gone tomorrow.

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*apwa  (M) age 41


Last online:
5 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Moral code has evaporated, help me..??

Description: Wellkept, good looking(ish) and funny. So I am a decent catch. More to the point, I am looking to expand my sexual repertoire. All comers welcomed and replied to. Test me.

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*aucy susie  (F age 31

*aucy susie

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Outgoing fun

Description: Single young girl but in have a male playmate when it suits !!also willing to join in !!!

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*oolblue12  (M) age 48


Last online:
7 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Horny devil looking for fun

Description: I am a genuine v/w/e clean and snipped straight male I am broad minded and easy going I am on WhatsApp I am coolblue12 on there

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*hesterlad007  (M) age 37

Last online:
10 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Horny guy looking for discreet fun

Description: Hi lady's

I'm just a normal guy looking for a bit of N/S fun. Isn't everyone here for the same thing??

I am a working man and I do travel all round the Country with it really but do cover a lot of the Northwest area as well.

I am very discreet and would expect the same.

Happy hunting guys let's try and have some fun.

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*oonenoes  (M)(F age 62

Last online:
11 hours ago

From: chester

Title: late starters

Description: New to all of this and just hoping for a gentle introduction.

Male 60

Female 42

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*hester12345  (M)(F age 56

XXX pic...
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Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: LOokin for fun

Description: We are new to this site and to swinging, but we are keen to meet up with like minded couples and single females, we are not intersted in single males, sorry.

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*at stand  (M) age 39

Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: want to see my impression of a hat stand

Description: err..... desperately trying to think of a way of not appearing like a web based sex pest!!!

love the taste of pussy and cant say no to women. theres nothing like the excitement of something new.

oops... i do sound like a web based sex pest!

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*oonlightfuck252  (M) age 47

Last online:
14 hours ago


Title: Come play with me

Description: I'm on the site looking for fun good times and lots of naughty games

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*annyb100  (M) age 53


Last online:
14 hours ago


Title: guy looking for adult adventurous fun

Description: HI.I am New(ish) to dogging/ clean,discreet and adventurous 5,9" and slim.Like everyone here,i'm hoping to meet-up with like-minded people for hot and sexy fun.

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*ungzzz  (M) age 53

Last online:
14 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Fun wanted

Description: Hung hornyyyy

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*etethemeat65  (M) age 55


Last online:
18 hours ago

From: Chester

Title: Love licking an rimming

Description: Married and sexless looking for nsa good evening im from deeside . Im married 54 years old, my wife is 70 and we stopped having sex about 2 years ago, ive still got a lot of loving to give to the right person, id love to find a friend that i can chat to and make love to when circumstances allow, look forward to hearing from you XX

Not my pic on profile for obvous reasons

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