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Contacts in Ashford

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*ussinboots84  (M)(F age 51

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Last online:
10 minutes ago

From: ashford

Title: Exhibisionist

Description: WHY DONT PEOPLE READ just because we are on here it doesant mean that if you wink at us were gonna rush round and fuck you

PLEASE DONT wink at us it just tells us that your to idle to write and say hello or cant be bothered to read our profile. ANY ONE THATS WINKS AT US WIL BE BLOCKED For those who think it's polite just to add us as contacts, think again, You WILL be blocked. We really are getting pissed off with peopLe who can't read, it's just rude, ignorant and kind of desperate we are looking to meet couples in Kent / East Sussex area. Age range, 20 to 60(ish), but not set in stone and non smokers. Couples who are into soft swap if all agree, Would be nice to meet couples local to us, for nights in or out, exhibitionist fun, and to share our experiences.

When we do arrange, it is generally at the last minute, when the mood takes us. Not into endless messages with people who have no intentions of meeting up.

We only meet as a couple, so please remember that if you mail us.

no one will be added as a contact unless they can be bothered to at least have the manners to say hi how you doing , you people wonder why you dont get any meets. Get some manners

we DONT meet married men unless your wifes ok with it and shes happy to tell us that

couple in to dogging, flashing, having fun and taking photos we love taking photos of all our meets , but never show faces, i hope that this is fine with you all. looking for couples to play with

we will not reply to anyone that does not have a pic on there profile and please NO SINGLE MALES if we want you we will find you

WE ONLY MEET AS A COUPLE NEVER ALONE and although we do meet couples we do not fully swap... its usually just same room and watching fun.

If you smoke dont bother to contact us as we find the smell of stale ashtrays a big turn off

sorry but due to all the single guys on here pretending to be a couple we will not meet with anyone untill we have webcamed with you or the 2 girls have spoken too each other IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A COUPLE PROVE IT WE CAN any messages starting hi hun hi babe will be deleted as this really pisses the wife off and just shows that you havant read our profile if you got this far and want to contact us please put no smoke in the title If we do get to meet you please dont be shy we love to take pics we dont take faces and will always show you and give you a copy

look forward to meeting you

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*anters_bi  (M) age 27

Last online:
26 minutes ago

From: Ashford

Title: Bi

Description: Looking for clean fun

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*ionheartost  (M) age 26


Last online:
42 minutes ago

From: ashford

Title: looking for abit fun!

Description: I just got out a bad relationship just looking to experiment try some new things.

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*egmansteve  (M) age 47


Last online:
1 hour ago

From: Ashford

Title: lover of nylon clad legs and oral

Description: Nice good looking guy (well I have been told that and who am I to disagree?)40 something looking for a lady who likes to recive lots of gentle oral.A local f.b would be great.

I have to say I LOVE Oriental ladies, so if you are of oriental origin I REALLLLLLLLLY want to hear from you.....BUT so saying I would be open to any one that fancies me.

love a clean shaved lady, am shaved myself down below, just so much cleaner and feels good too

You must be discreet as am married and want to stay that way, but she don't like to receive oral so looking elsewhere to fill my needs, a lady in the same situation would be perfect.

would prefer someone in Ashford as not easy to get out and about.

so why not drop me a mail.

legman s xx

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*enzil21  (M) age 27

Last online:
2 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Very adventurous won't say no till I try

Description: I'm young mix race horny all the time x

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*shfordcouple  (M)(F age 44

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Last online:
3 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Relaxed Couple looking for Fun

Description: couple in late 30's looking for fun, easy going and happy to try most things.

We like fun outdoors and enjoy being watched or watching others

Fem is bi and has lovely large 38G breasts

Happy to hear from anyone

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*oolmike88  (M) age 26

Last online:
4 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Looking to try new things

Description: Sporty guy looking for all sorts of fun

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*ruit and Nuts  (M) age 57

*ruit and Nuts

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Looking to meet some (fill in here)

Description: My partner has now retired so play time is very limited.

But that said I am a realistic guy in that the chances of anything happening are almost nil but paitient enough to sit and wait it out to see what happens.

I have commitments so don't expect me to drop everything if your offering sex I'll put whatever it is down first then start running.

That said what I say is what I do and I do what I say that way everyone knows where they stand. I don't push in where I'm not wanted though. I know that limits my options but I would rather be wanted for who I am not just a bodily function, although at a push I could be.

So thats why I'm looking forward to meeting some total idiots along the way.

Basically looking to meet some interesting and sexy people who can hold a sensible conversation while multi tasking.

There will always be people who can't be a*rsed to meet up and will always let me down at the last minute with lame excuses, but otherwise happy to just chat or more with people about things and the world as we know it, sex included.

Sorry but I'm not into guys on there own, its a personal thing, although happy to be part of a three or moresome with a lady or ladies.

If you don't ask the question? how will you know what the answer will be, I don't bite unless asked to.

Happy to be the odd one in for a couple and prefer ladies with curves.

So that said, if I'm what your looking for then drop me a line and lets chat about it and see where we go. If I'm not what your looking for how come you got this far?

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*layful_cple  (M)(F age 30

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Been here before....

Description: We have been swinging for over a year now. Been on this site before. We know how thing work and both know what we like. So come and say hi and let's have some fun. ;) x NO SINGLE MALES - not our thing.

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*ognation  (M) age 43

Last online:
10 hours ago

From: Ashford

Title: Looking for sexy CD/TV's

Description: Fit good-looking hung experienced CD/TV fucker looking for weekday daytime or early evening nsa meets!

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*eek  (M) age 40

Last online:
12 hours ago

From: ashford

Title: I love tities

Description: As the title says I love tits, besides that I have a thing at the moment and would love to spend time with a small woman not sure why just an itch needs scratching.

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*ackywill  (M) age 19


Last online:
23 hours ago


Title: My true intent is all for you delight

Description: Hey, call me will if you message me. I'm just here for the fun times and for meeting like minded people. i love sex and i love having sex with other people who love sex :) i can travel reasonable distances i.e. inside kent but anywhere else is usually too far

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*oucee  (M)(F age 22


Last online:
1 day ago

From: ashford

Title: Iam back looking for a big cock to play

Description: We are an easy going fun couple just looking for fun. Looking for big cocks for the lady to fill her pussy with pleasure. Also looking for her first girl experience.

We, as most of you, do have some general rules to keep our own relationship sane lol.

- The female will not meet anyone alone.. ever.

- If on a Kik convo.. both of us will be in it with our own IDs, anyone who keeps leaving the joint convo to have a private one will be blocked.

- The male will not touch or play with any other women..

The rules are in place to maintain a happy relationship also safety, apart from that feel free to ask anything you like :)

But please don't get greedy and just want a stream of my pics sent your way... just wont happen lol

And we do have a small child so last minutes meets are a no-no

So... Lets to get know some lovely sexy people and all have a good time!

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*risu  (M) age 37


Last online:
1 day ago

From: ashford

Title: free

Description:  do not like to write about me

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*iki-time  (F age 22

Last online:
1 day ago

From: Ashford

Title: hey

Description: so message me

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*ickson  (M) age 42


Last online:
2 days ago

From: Ashford

Title: One Naughty Guy

Description: Looking for wild and passionate adventures.

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*ussy...Hunter  (M) age 44

Last online:
2 days ago

From: ashford

Title: Looking for willing partners

Description: Fit, well hung guy, clean, respectful, but up for any sex with the right partner/s, will upload pictures but can text if you ask.

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*onoKent  (M) age 46

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Last online:
2 days ago

From: Ashford

Title: Keen Guy

Description: Professional male, enjoy company of others seeking fun and excitement, enjoy all sorts of play, very open minded and experienced in most aspects

Clean, well trimmed with a reasonable body and decent size cock, heavy cummer

Am fully bi and would prefer bi singles or couples with bi male

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*nemoment  (M) age 29

Last online:
3 days ago

From: Ashford

Title: Mystery man shows face to replies

Description: Hi, so I'm finally on here after viewing site several times! I've decided to log in! Why? There are some ladies that have caught my eye! Some very beautiful woman on here. Yes there is no profile picture.. I am genuine. Pictures are available all day long. I would like to receive replies in order for the mystery face to be shown. Even a hi, how are you reply would get me to show you a picture :)... Let's chat, lets play n let's make memories.

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*osso21  (M) age 56

Last online:
3 days ago

From: Ashford

Title: tease..

Description: we are an outgoing couple looking for fun, simple.She has just had her 40th and has lovely breasts with curvy figure, lots of tats. He is over 50 but no one ever believes it....thinks he 30 still! both non smokers, no drugs, like a sensible drink and good food.

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